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How To Sign Document Online

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

When a sender requests your signature in a document you will receive an email which will have a “Sign document” button.

  • If the sender requires you to make payment on signing the document you will see a message “You are required to pay $31 after signing of this document” See “Making payment on signing” for more info

  • If the sender has set an expiry for the document you will see a message “You are required to sign the document before MM.DD.YY”

To sign the document click on “Sign Document” button on the emails and you will be taken to the page where you can view the document.

  1. Fill the fields

  2. After filling, Click the “Finish” button. If you are required to make a payment, then the button will read “Finish & Pay $XX.XX”

  3. If you haven’t filled the required fields, the fields will be highlighted in red, and the page will automatically scroll to bring that field into the view.

  4. If you are logged in and signatures are available, if you click on the “Signature” field, it will show you a dropdown of signatures to be selected. See “Sign All at once” for more info.

  5. Once all the signatories have completed signing you will receive an email with the completed/signed document in PDF format.

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