Sell templates in marketplace.


If you are good at writing legal documents you can make money by selling templates on our marketplace. The templates that you create (see “Create and use templates” for more info) can be public or private. Private ones are those which only you can see and public templates are visible to all users after review and approval by HappyToSign administrators. Public templates can be both free or premium. For creating premium templates

  1. While creating a template (refer “Create and use templates“) choose “Visibility” as “Public”
  2. Then choose from “Premium”
  3. Then enter the price you wish to charge for the template.
    HappyToSign takes a percentage of the sale value as service charge, the percentage and the amount you will receive will be displayed to you when you enter the price for the template.
  4. Click “Next”
  5. If you haven’t already saved a bank account for receiving payments, you will be prompted to enter your business information and bank account details when you click “Next”