Making payment on signing

Senders can request for payments while you sign a document. Common use cases include Downpayment for a contract, collection of fees etc.

  1. When you receive an email requesting signature for document, if it requires you to make a payment on signing, you will see a message “You are required to pay $X after signing of this document.”
  2. Click on “Sign Document” button on the email.
  3. Fill out the required fields
  4. Click on “Finish and Pay $X.XX”
  5. You will get a popup asking for your payment information.
  6. You can pay by credit card or your bank account. Bank accounts requires to be verified, and it usually takes 2-3 working days for the same.
    To see how to add/manage payment options and verify bank accounts click here
  7. After entering the payment information click on “Pay $X.XX” on the popup. If the information is correct the payment will be processed and transferred to the sender of the document.

Warning: Before making any payments please make sure about the legitimacy of the sender. HappyToSign or its associates won’t be responsible for any financial loss incurred to you by paying to fraudulent users.