Create and use templates

HappyToSign offers a feature to create your own templates of documents which you would like to repeatedly use. You can create templates and insert fields that are variable and fill only those variable fields when you use them, hence saving a lot of time and effort.

To create a template:

  1. Goto “My templates” from the menu which opens by clicking your avatar on the top left of the navigation bar.
  2. On the side bar of this page you will see a “Create Template” button. Click on it.
  3. Enter a name for the template, choose category, add tags, description and then choose the visibility of the template Private – only you can use the template, Public – Visible to public (subject to approval of HappyToSign administrators)
    Public templates can be free or premium.
  4. Then click next.
  5. You will be taken to a word editor where you can type / paste the content of the template. Various formatting options are available for use.
  6. To insert variable fields bring your cursor to the position where the field is to be inserted and click on the “Insert fields” button on toolbar and you get a popup where you need to enter
    1. The Field name
    2. Caption of the field (This will be used in the form for fill the template while using it)
    3. Type of field
  7. To save the changes on the template click on ‘Save’. If the template is a ‘Public’ template and you wish to submit it for review click on the button ‘Submit for approval’

To Use a template:

  1. Click ‘Use template’ from the ‘Send document’ page.
  2. On the popup there are three tabs
    1. My templates
      Templates you have created.
    2. Favorites
      Templates you have marked as favorite
    3. Purchased
      Templates you purchased from the marketplace.
  3. Hover over the template you would like to use, and click on “View”
  4. On the view page you can preview the template. To insert this template click on “Insert”
  5. Click on close to return back to the document.
  6. If there are fields to be filled in the inserted document there will be a ‘Fill’ button next to the template you have inserted.
  7. Click on ‘Fill’ and fill the fields and click ‘Submit’.
  8. Click ‘Prepare’ to view the rendered document.