Create a document for signing


Creating a document for signing is the primary function of HappyToSign. This is done in 4 steps

  1. Adding Recipients
  2. Uploading Document
  3. Preparing Document
  4. Entering Title and other details

To start with the process you need to click on “Send Document” button from the top right of the navigation bar.

Adding Recipients
First step of the process is to choose the sequence (parallel, serial or mixed) in which the recipients should sign, and adding recipients to whom the document needs to be sent for signing. To do this

  1. See Setting sequence for signing article to know more about sequence.
  2. To add recipients simply enter the name of the recipient and their email address and hit ‘Enter’ or click on the + button. New recipients are saved in the contacts, and can be chosen from the context dropdown when you type their name next time.

Uploading Documents / Using Templates
Next, is to upload documents or choose a template which needs to be signed. HappyToSign makes it easy for you to upload documents from your computer or your favourite cloud service (Google Drive, Dropbox…)

  1. To upload a document
    1. click on ‘Choose files’ from the ‘Upload Document’ section, and you will get a popup for adding files that you would like to upload. On the left side bar you can see various sources (My Device, Google Drive, URL, Dropbox, Box…) from which you can upload a document.
    2. Choose file(s) from your source and click ‘Upload’.
    3. The uploaded file(s) will be listed now on the “Upload Documents” section. If you have added multiple files you will be able to drag and rearrange the order in which they will appear for the recipients.
  2. To use a template refer “Create and use template” article.


Preparing Document(s)
After uploading document(s), we need to prepare the document(s) by adding fields required to be filled by the recipients. To do this.

  1. Click on the ‘Prepare’ button in the ‘Prepare Document’ section.
  2. This will take you to the page where you can add fields to the document(s). On this page there will be a sidebar with fields you can drag and drop into the document. Next to the sidebar the pages of the document is listed and above each document the file name of the document is displayed.
  3. To add the fields drag and drop the fields from the left sidebar to the position in the page where you need to add the field. When you drop the field, a popup is opened where you will be able to
    1. Choose the recipient to whom the field will be assigned to.
    2. Change the font size of the field.
    3. Choose if the particular field is mandatory or not.
    4. Enter title for the field
    5. Enter choices that the recipient can choose from (For checkbox, radio button and dropdown field)
  4. You can drag the fields to any position by using the   icon on the top left of the field, edit the field attributes by clicking the  icon, or delete the field by clicking the  icon.
  5. After you have set all the required fields click on ‘Save’ or ‘Save & Close’.

Entering Title and other details
Next step is to enter title and other details for the document

  1. Title
    Title for the document which will be saved displayed on the emails sent to recipient.
  2. Expiry Date
    Set the date until which the document is valid. For more info see “Expiry for documents’
  3. Message
    Optional message for the recipients which will be sent along with the email to them.