Setting sequence for signing

HappyToSign provides a feature to set the sequence in which the document needs to be signed. We have three different sequences in which a document can be signed. Parallel, Serial & Mixed. Parallel Parallel is the default sequence, where the document is sent to all of the recipients and they can sign in any order.
To set Parallel sequence:
When creating a document in the “Add recipients” section “Parallel” is selected as default. Since in this sequence there is not particular order in which the recipients need to sign, the documents will be sent to all recipients immediately. Serial In Serial sequence, the document is sent only to the first recipient and only after he/she completes the document will the second recipient receive the document, and after the second completes the third and so on. This is helpful in cases where a recipient needs to approve and document before the next recipient signs. For e.g. you might require the signature of the CEO before the CFO of an organization signs the document. To set Serial sequence: When creating a document in the “Add recipients” section select “Serial”. You can add recipients using the form, and each recipient will be assigned a sequence number which you can see next to each recipient you have added. You can drag and rearrange the order of recipients here. Mixed Mixed sequence is a combination of Parallel and Serial sequence, where you can make multiple groups of recipients, and these groups can be ordered in a sequence. Documents are sent to all the recipients within the first group and recipients can sign in any order. When all the recipients in the first group signs the document is sent to the second group and then the third and so on. To set Mixed sequence:
When creating a document in the “Add recipients” section select “Mixed”. You can add recipients using the form, and each group will be assigned a sequence number which you can see next to each group . To add a new group click “Add Group”. You can rearrange the sequence of group by dragging.

Create a document for signing

Creating a document for signing is the primary function of HappyToSign. This is done in 4 steps

  1. Adding Recipients
  2. Uploading Document
  3. Preparing Document
  4. Entering Title and other details
To start with the process you need to click on “Send Document” button from the top right of the navigation bar. Adding Recipients
First step of the process is to choose the sequence (parallel, serial or mixed) in which the recipients should sign, and adding recipients to whom the document needs to be sent for signing. To do this
  1. See Setting sequence for signing article to know more about sequence.
  2. To add recipients simply enter the name of the recipient and their email address and hit ‘Enter’ or click on the + button. New recipients are saved in the contacts, and can be chosen from the context dropdown when you type their name next time.
Uploading Documents / Using Templates Next, is to upload documents or choose a template which needs to be signed. HappyToSign makes it easy for you to upload documents from your computer or your favourite cloud service (Google Drive, Dropbox…)
  1. To upload a document
    1. click on ‘Choose files’ from the ‘Upload Document’ section, and you will get a popup for adding files that you would like to upload. On the left side bar you can see various sources (My Device, Google Drive, URL, Dropbox, Box…) from which you can upload a document.
    2. Choose file(s) from your source and click ‘Upload’.
    3. The uploaded file(s) will be listed now on the “Upload Documents” section. If you have added multiple files you will be able to drag and rearrange the order in which they will appear for the recipients.
  2. To use a template refer “Create and use template” article.
Preparing Document(s)
After uploading document(s), we need to prepare the document(s) by adding fields required to be filled by the recipients. To do this.
  1. To add the fields drag and drop the fields from the left sidebar to the position in the page where you need to add the field. When you drop the field, a popup is opened where you will be able to

  2. Choose the recipient to whom the field will be assigned to.

  3. Change the font size of the field.

    1. Choose if the particular field is mandatory or not.

    2. Enter title for the field

    3. Enter choices that the recipient can choose from (For checkbox, radio button and dropdown field)

    4. Click on the ‘Prepare’ button in the ‘Prepare Document’ section.

    5. This will take you to the page where you can add fields to the document(s). On this page there will be a sidebar with fields you can drag and drop into the document. Next to the sidebar the pages of the document is listed and above each document the file name of the document is displayed.

  4. You can drag the fields to any position by using the alignment icon on the top left of the field, edit the field attributes by clicking the edit icon, or delete the field by clicking the delete icon.

  5. After you have set all the required fields click on ‘Save’ or ‘Save & Close’.

Entering Title and other details
Next step is to enter title and other details for the document 1. Title
Title for the document which will be saved displayed on the emails sent to recipient. 2. Expiry Date
Set the date until which the document is valid. For more info see “Expiry for documents’ 3. Message
Optional message for the recipients which will be sent along with the email to them.

Create and use templates

HappyToSign offers a feature to create your own templates of documents which you would like to repeatedly use. You can create templates and insert fields that are variable and fill only those variable fields when you use them, hence saving a lot of time and effort. To create a template:

  1. Goto “My templates” from the menu which opens by clicking your avatar on the top left of the navigation bar.
  2. On the side bar of this page you will see a “Create Template” button. Click on it.
  3. Enter a name for the template, choose category, add tags, description and then choose the visibility of the template Private – only you can use the template, Public – Visible to public (subject to approval of HappyToSign administrators) Public templates can be free or premium.
  4. Then click next.
  5. You will be taken to a word editor where you can type / paste the content of the template. Various formatting options are available for use.
  6. To insert variable fields bring your cursor to the position where the field is to be inserted and click on the “Insert fields” button on toolbar and you get a popup where you need to enter
    1. The Field name
    2. Caption of the field (This will be used in the form for fill the template while using it)
    3. Type of field
  7. To save the changes on the template click on ‘Save’. If the template is a ‘Public’ template and you wish to submit it for review click on the button ‘Submit for approval’
To Use a template:
  1. Click ‘Use template’ from the ‘Send document’ page.
  2. On the popup there are three tabs
    1. My templates
      • Templates you have created.
    2. Favorites
      • Templates you have marked as favorite
    3. Purchased
      • Templates you purchased from the marketplace.
  3. Hover over the template you would like to use, and click on “View”
  4. On the view page you can preview the template. To insert this template click on “Insert”
  5. Click on close to return back to the document.
  6. If there are fields to be filled in the inserted document there will be a ‘Fill’ button next to the template you have inserted.
  7. Click on ‘Fill’ and fill the fields and click ‘Submit’.
  8. Click ‘Prepare’ to view the rendered document.

Collecting payments from signatories

HappyToSign provides the option to collect payment from signatories on signing a document. This can be used purposes like receiving a down payment for a contract on signing, collecting a fee against a contract and more. To collect payments

  1. Click on “Send document” button on the right side of the navigation bar to create a document. For more info about how to create a document for signing go to " Create a document for signing "
  2. Add recipients to whom you would like to send the document to.
  3. On the list of recipients you will see a “$” sign. Click on the sign to open a popup where you will see a field to enter the amount to be collected from the recipients.
    • Be sure to read and understand the transaction fees that will be deducted from the amount received.
  4. Enter the amount you wish to collect and click the tick button. You can change the amount by clicking on the amount again.
  5. If you are requesting to collect payments for the first time, then while sending the document, you will get a popup where you are required to enter your Business information and Bank account details to which the payment received from the signatories will be transferred to.

Expiry for documents

HappyToSign gives you the ability to set expiry date for documents.
Common use case: A proposal which has a valid until date. To do this, When you create a document, in the “Title & Details” section you will find the field “Expiry date”. You can enter the expiry date of the document here. When the document is sent, the email will notify the user that the document expires within X days. Also a periodic reminder is sent to the recipient, reminding them to sign the document. If the document is not completed within the set Expiry date, the document is automatically cancelled. You will be able to track the document from “My documents” section

Mobile authentication for document

HappyToSign provides features to secure your documents and make it inaccessible to unauthorised entities. Apart from securing it by making it accessible only through a link sent be email, users can also choose to grant access by entering a 4 digit code received on the recipients mobile. To do this.

  1. Click on the ‘lock’ icon next to the recipient you have added when creating a document.
  2. A mobile number field will appear next to the recipient where you need to enter the mobile number on which the 4 digit access code should be sent.
  3. When the recipients open the document for signing from their email, they will be prompted to enter the 4 digit code without which they won’t be able to see the document.

Setting permissions for recipients

While adding recipients for a new document you will be able to set permissions for the added recipients. To do this,

  1. click on the key icon next to the added recipient.
  2. in the dropdown you will see three choices View, Sign and Approve.
    1. View will be always checked as all documents sent to the recipients are viewable.
    2. Sign will be checked only if you have added fields to be filled by the particular recipient.
    3. Even if the recipient doesn’t have any fields to be filled, he/she can be assigned to approve the document by choosing “Approve” as the permission

Buy templates from marketplace

HappyToSign has got a very extensive market place for users to buy templates from a wide variety of categories. If you don’t have time or ability to write a legal template, you can always find templates that suit your needs from our marketplace. To buy a template:

  1. When creating a document, you can click “Use template” button in the “Upload document” section
  2. A popup opens and you can see a button “Shop” on the left sidebar of the popup. Click on it
  3. You will be taken to the market place, you can view all the templates available for purchase here.
  4. Templates can be filtered by Category, Free / Premium, Price wise, and also you can search using keywords.
  5. Clicking on the template will open the template, and you can view the content of the template.
  6. You can click on “Buy Now” or “Add to Cart” (if you need to buy more templates).
  7. To checkout click on the cart icon
  8. Enter your billing and payment info and make the payment.
  9. After purchase the template will be available in the “Purchased” section of the tab mentioned in step #2.

Sell templates in marketplace.

If you are good at writing legal documents you can make money by selling templates on our marketplace. The templates that you create (see “Create and use templates” for more info) can be public or private. Private ones are those which only you can see and public templates are visible to all users after review and approval by HappyToSign administrators. Public templates can be both free or premium. For creating premium templates

  1. While creating a template (refer “Create and use templates“) choose “Visibility” as “Public”
  2. Then choose from “Premium”
  3. Then enter the price you wish to charge for the template. HappyToSign takes a percentage of the sale value as service charge, the percentage and the amount you will receive will be displayed to you when you enter the price for the template.
  4. Click “Next”
  5. If you haven’t already saved a bank account for receiving payments, you will be prompted to enter your business information and bank account details when you click “Next”

Canceling a document

At times there happens to be reasons to cancel a document that has been sent for signature. Disagreement of terms, expiry of document etc. are the common reasons. Documents once sent for signature cannot be edited, if you need to make any changes you have to first cancel the document and clone it.

  1. Goto “My Documents” by clicking the link on the menu which appears on clicking your avatar on the top right of the navigation bar.
  2. Click on “Waiting for others” tab.
  3. From the list of documents click on the down arrow against the document you want to cancel.
  4. You will be presented with dropdown menu. Click on “Cancel” from the dropdown menu
  5. You will be prompted to enter the reason for cancellation so that all recipients are notified by email about it.
Cloning Canceled Document If you wish to create a new document from the canceled document and make amendments,
  1. Goto the “Canceled” tab
  2. Click the button “Copy” again the document you want to clone.
  3. You will be prompted to confirm if you want to clone the document. Click “Yes”
  4. You will be taken to the new document where you can edit it.


Getting copy of signed document

After signing a document you may need the copy of the document for your records. HappyToSign sends the copy of the signed document in PDF format as an email to all the signatories of the document when the document has been signed by all and marked complete.

Signing a document

When a sender requests your signature in a document you will receive an email which will have a “Sign document” button.

  1. If the sender requires you to make payment on signing the document you will see a message “You are required to pay $31 after signing of this document”. See “Making payment on signing” for more info
  2. If the sender has set an expiry for the document you will see a message “You are required to sign the document before MM.DD.YY”
To sign the document click on “Sign Document” button on the emails and you will be taken to the page where you can view the document.
  1. Fill the fields
  2. After filling, Click the “Finish” button. If you are required to make a payment, then the button will read “Finish & Pay $XX.XX”
  3. If you haven’t filled the required fields, the fields will be highlighted in red, and the page will automatically scroll to bring that field into the view.
  4. If you are logged in and signatures are available, if you click on the “Signature” field, it will show you a dropdown of signatures to be selected. See “Sign All at once” for more info.
  5. Once all the signatories have completed signing you will receive an email with the completed/signed document in PDF format.

Saving signatures for reuse

Unlike signing non-digital documents where you have to redo your sign on each and every document, with HappyToSign signing digital documents is pretty easy. One of the things that makes it easy is the ability to save signatures securely for reuse. You can do this from two places on the app 1. From the dashboard
On the left hand panel, below the avatar you can find two boxes, which says ‘Sign here’ & ‘Intial here’. You can click onthe required box, to launch a popup where you can draw your signature/initial using your mouse, or upload an image of your signature/initial from your computer. 2. From profile page
You can also do the above(#1) from your profile page also, which you can goto from the menu that appears on clicking your avatar on the the top right of the navigation bar.

Sign all at once

Documents may have multiple places where you need to sign. If you wish to sign all at once, HappyToSign provides an easy way to it.

  1. After you receive the document by email, open the document, click on the signature placeholder.
  2. On clicking the signature placeholder, if you have saved a signature already, you will be presented with a dropdown menu to choose the signature that needs to used.
  3. On hovering over the signature on the dropdown you will be given two options “Use here” & “Sign all”
  4. If you choose “Sign all” all the fields which requires your signature will be signed with the signature you chose from the dropdown.

Making payment on signing

Senders can request for payments while you sign a document. Common use cases include Downpayment for a contract, collection of fees etc.

  1. When you receive an email requesting signature for document, if it requires you to make a payment on signing, you will see a message “You are required to pay $X after signing of this document.”
  2. Click on “Sign Document” button on the email.
  3. Fill out the required fields
  4. Click on “Finish and Pay $X.XX”
  5. You will get a popup asking for your payment information.
  6. You can pay by credit card or your bank account. Bank accounts requires to be verified, and it usually takes 2-3 working days for the same. To see how to add/manage payment options and verify bank accounts check "Managing payment modes"
  7. After entering the payment information click on “Pay $X.XX” on the popup. If the information is correct the payment will be processed and transferred to the sender of the document.
Warning: Before making any payments please make sure about the legitimacy of the sender. HappyToSign or its associates won’t be responsible for any financial loss incurred to you by paying to fraudulent users.


Tracking documents sent for signing

Keeping track of the documents you have sent for signing is very crucial. You need to know if users have signed, if they declined to sign, has the document expired and several other attributes. For that on HappyToSign you have the My Documents section which gives you an overview of all the documents you have created and received.


Happy To Sign offers the feature to brand the app with your logo, custom colors, fonts and your own domain name. You will be able to transform Happy To Sign entirely to an app of your own. What aspects are customizable?

  1. Title of the web app, which is displayed on the browser
  2. Theme color of the web app
  3. Theme fonts
  4. Sub domain – custom subdomain can be assigned to the app.
  5. Custom Domain – your own custom domain/subdomain can be pointed to the app.
  6. Email footers
  7. Web app footers
To customize
  1. Goto “Profile” from the menu which opens by clicking your avatar on the top left of the navigation bar.
  2. Goto the tab “White Label”.
  3. You will be presented with available customization options.

Viewing activity logs of a document

It’s important to keep track of the activity on a document that you have created. To view the logs of the document that you have created you need to

  1. Goto “My documents” from the menu which opens on clicking your avatar on the top left of the navigation bar.
  2. You can now view all the documents you have ever created. Choose the document for which you need to see the log.
  3. Click on the sub tab “Activities” and you will be able to see the log of all the activities on your document.
Activities are usually logged on the following events,
  1. When document is created
  2. When document is modified
  3. When user signs
  4. When user declines
  5. When document expires
  6. When document is cancelled

Collaboration with users

Collaboration is one of the amazing feature on HappyToSign with which you can invite users to manage your documents for you. To invite users:

  1. Goto your profile by clicking the “Profile” link on the menu which appears on clicking your avatar on the top right of the navigation bar.
  2. Goto the “Settings” Tab.
  3. On the settings tab you will find a section called “Access Control”
  4. Click on the “Invite” button and you will be presented with a popup to enter the name and email address of the users you wish to invite for collaboration.
  5. You can also choose the permissions “read” or “edit” based on which the invited user’s interactions will be limited.
  6. Once you have entered, click on “Invite” in the popup.
  7. Invitations to collaborate will be emailed to the users.
  8. Once the users click on the link to collaborate in the email they receive they will be taken to the app where they need to accept the invite to view / edit your documents.

Upgrading / Downgrading membership

Upgrading for more premium features or downgrading from a higher plan can be done from the “Membership & Billing” tab in the profile page.

  1. To goto the profile page click on the avatar on the top right of the navigation bar and click on “Profile”.
  2. Click on the “Membership & Billing” tab and then you can click on “Change subscription plan” to upgrade or downgrade your subscription.

Managing notifications

Notifications can be helpful and at the same time distracting. HappyToSign provides you a way to manage notifications that you receive. To do that:-

  1. Goto your profile from the menu that appears on clicking your avatar on the top right of navigation bar.
  2. Goto the “Settings” tab.
  3. You will find the “Notifications” section where you can check or uncheck the notifications that you wish to receive.

Managing payment modes

On HappyToSign platform payments are mainly done when:-

  1. Subscribing to premium memberships.
  2. Buying premium templates from marketplace.
  3. Requested by a sender as a payment associated with signing a document.
In order make things easy, we have an option to save your payment methods for easy checkout instead of entering your payment information every time. HappyToSign accepts 2 methods of payments : –
  1. Credit Cards
  2. Bank Transfer
In general to add/manage a payment method you have to : –
  1. Goto your profile from the menu which appears on clicking the avatar on the top right of the navigation bar.
  2. Open the tab “Payment Information”.
  3. You can see two sub tabs “For payments” & “For Receipts”. Open “For Receipts” to add a new payment method.
  4. Click on add payment method.
  5. You can choose to add “Credit Card” or “Bank Account”.
Credit cards will be added instantly, however bank accounts needs to be verified. When you first add a bank account it will be having an ‘Unverified’ status, and you can see a call to action button labelled “Verify”. Verification of bank accounts is done as follows
  1. We will send 2 micro deposits to the account you have added within 2-3 working days.
  2. After receiving the micro deposits you needs to come back to the payment information page and click on the “Verify” button against the bank account you have entered and enter the values of these two micro deposits and submit the form.
  3. If the amount of micro deposits match to the values you received on your account the bank account will be verified

Deleting account

You can delete your account any time by going your profile by clicking on the avatar located at the top right of your navbar. In the profile page, you can find a tab “Privacy & Security”, in this tab you can find an option to “Delete your account”. Warning: Once deleted your account information cannot be recovered.

Changing password

It’s a very good practice to change your password occasionally. To do this on HappyToSign,

  1. Click on the avatar image on the top right of your navigation
  2. Choose profile
  3. On the profile page click on the tab “Privacy & Security”
  4. Click on “Click here to Change password”
  5. Enter your current password once, and the new password you wish to set twice
  6. Click on “Change password” and you are done